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LCD display for Mercedes A/B Class dashboards

Adaptable LCD display 64x164 pixel with flat to MERCEDES A/B Class dashboards (from 2004 models). 
It does not need to be soldered, but inserted in the connector on the board.
Size: 50x97mm.
SEPDISP08 7/8 volts test
Turn on the dashboard (white connector: PIN no.1 GND; PIN no.5, PIN no.6 + 12v) and use a multimeter to check the voltage between the points (as in the picture).
If it goes from -6.8v and -7.2v you have to put SEPDISP08-7V on.
If the voltage is included between -7.8v and -8.2v, you have to install SEPDISP08-8V.
This product is not available anymore, it has been substituited by SEPDISP08-7V.
For more information or for buying the substitute product go to our online store!

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