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LCD display for Borg, Johnson Controls and Magneti Marelli computer boards for Citroën C8, Fiat Ulysse, Lancia Phedra and Peugeot 307/407/807


Kit composed to LCD display 240x64 pixel + PCB adaptable to BORG, JOHNSON CONTROLS and MAGNETI MARELLI computer boards (multifunction display) for:

  • CITROËN C8 (models from 2002 to 2014)
  • FIAT ULYSSE (models from 2002 to 2010)
  • LANCIA PHEDRA (models from 2002 to 2010)
  • PEUGEOT 307 (models from 2003 to 2008)
  • PEUGEOT 407 (models from 2004 to 2012)
  • PEUGEOT 807 (models from 2002 to 2014).


The kit is composed by a board (to be soldered on the main board of the cluster) and by a LCD display, with flat (to insert in the related PCB plug).

Size: 131x46mm.


It's very important to verifiy the correct model of display just comparing it to the several available codes: SEPDISP28N, SEPDISP28P, SEPDISP29N, SEPDISP29P e SEI-DISP117.


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